Doctor Who with Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Programmable Remote Replica With Display Case.

This is not a toy! Well it might be considered a toy for adults but it is also a fully functional and practical multi-device. A programmable universal remote control compatible with all infrared controlled entertainment equipment, such as TVs,  DVD and CD players, iPod docks and more.

Now to the fun part!

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver has a built-in motion G-sensor or a Fully Functioning Gesture Control that detects individual movements. That means you can control your home or office devices with a movement of your hand! The Universal Remote Control works through a series of  13 short gestures, such as rotating, flicking or tapping and  these can also be programed and personalised.

Enjoy the Time Lord’s Technology.

You will amaze your guests and yourself by increasing the volume for a device by flicking the screwdriver up or anti-clockwise to turn a device off. This is already a collectible by hard core fans. A Hand-polished, Copper-plated, Die-cast Metal Construction.  Just like the Doctor’s.

The gestures take a bit of practice to get right but that’s half the fun, knowledgeable buyers have shared the tip that if you follow the guided set-up procedure patiently with spoken prompts matching gestures to commands, you will master your Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver in full much faster.

Doctor Who’s most valued, iconic, coveted, not to mention extremely cool gadget is a perfect gift for anybody, fan or not, that wants a  part of Doctor Who’s Inventions.

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