Paw Print Ornament Kit

Dog Paw Print Tree Ornament

This wonderful pawprint keepsake kit is a fun way to include your dog in holiday celebrations. All your pet has to do is supply the print and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind ornament to delight your family or dog-lover friends. Cat lovers, your kitties don’t need to be left out either, just as long as you can keep them still enough to make an imprint in the soft clay.

After all, our pets are so often an important part of the family or a cherished companion to those of us who live alone. Create an ornament and you can give them their own place on the tree, not just this year but every year. The paw print ornament will keep their memory close even after they are gone from us, acting as a tribute to a cherished four-legged friend.

What’s in the Pet Ornament Kit?

Your pawprint kit contains a special soft Sculpey polymer clay for your dog or cat’s print, plus a cute red ribbon with a paw motif to hang it from. You’ll also get a round mold to make a nice circular ornament and a roller to flatten it, plus a special pen to carve their name in the unbaked clay.

It’s best to plan on one kit per print, although if you have small dogs or are making cat pawprints then you might just manage to get 2 on the clay that comes with a single keepsake kit (customer tip – use cookie cutters to cut smaller ornaments).

What Pet Owners Think of this Pawprint Tree Ornament Kit

With an overwhelming majority of customers giving this kit a high star rating on Amazon, pet owners are delighted with this clever craft idea. It’s easy to use and the ornaments are sturdy without being heavy once baked. One recommendation that many have shared is to clean your dog’s paw before use though to get a nice clean print. For cats and small paws, you will need to help push their paw a little. On a positive note, the clay doesn’t stick to their paws.

All in all,  this pet keepsake box set is a lovely way to create a lasting memory of cats and dogs that you will treasure for years to come.

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