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Dummy Surveillance Cameras Can Save Property and Injury

Dummy cameras as a deterrent

Digital video security is a must have when it comes to protecting your assets, and although it’s important to have working cameras as part of your security protection system. You can enhance the deterrent of vandalism, or theft by adding dummy cameras to your surveillance arsenal. If money isn’t a concern, then by all means run all of your cameras live. Of course even the best funded security budgets eventually hit their limits, and that’s where dummy cameras can help.

As many as fifty percent of security cameras can be decoys

Unlike live surveillance cameras which are often hidden. The point of using a dummy surveillance camera is for it to be seen. Most people are unaware that a good many of the security cameras that appear to be scanning large areas are actually decoy, or dummy cameras. In a larger venue such as a hospital, or shopping mall as many as fifty percent of the security camera placements can be inactive, or decoy surveillance cameras.

Prevents crimes from happening

As often as security camera data is used after the fact to provide officials with important evidence, the primary benefit of a dummy surveillance camera is in it’s use as a deterrent system. That is to say that although a security video system can provide important information after the event of a crime or accident. The primary purpose is to prevent these things from happening in the first place.

Do what professionals do

Now you can use the same methods professionals use to establish a safer environment for you, your valuables, and most importantly your family. We live in a world of statistics, and if employing dummy security cameras deters even one act of aggression, it could very well become the best investment you have ever made. Order your Dummy security camera today and have it safely shipped tomorrow.

Product specifications:

–       Dimensions with rain shield 7”x3”x3”

–       Adjustable to 90 degrees tilt and 360 degrees rotation.

–       flashing light – battery not included

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