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Ecofriendly Pink Lunch Containers by Lunchbots

Looking for pink lunch containers that are also eco-friendly? Looking for ways to avoid common toxins and reduce waste  with more style than a brown paper bag? Pink Lunch Containers by Lunchbots are the perfect place to start! Lunchbots are stainless-steel eco-friendly lunch containers that are excellent for the environment as they contain no harmful chemicals that can be found in plastics and they are 100% reusable…meaning you don’t contribute to the landfill!

These pink lunch containers are the perfect size for work or school lunches. The lid fits snugly to hold food in place, yet is loose enough for a child to open easily. They are ideal for sandwiches and sides, but the 2-inch depth makes them usable as a bowl as well.

Lunchbots make life easier. They are super easy to clean and they don’t stain from tomato-based sauces like plastics do. The stainless-steel design means they can be quickly hand-washed or safely thrown in the dishwasher!

These pink lunch containers are my new favorite ecofriendly product! I hope that you will try them and love them, too! Don’t like pink? Don’t worry, they are available in all sorts of colors.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Lunchbots Eco-friendly Pink Lunch Containers

1- So-easy to pack waste-free lunches, snacks and beverages!
2- All parts are stainless steel, so they last forever and are extremely durable meaning you can use them over and over again!
3- Stainless steel design makes them recyclable…if you ever do decide to get rid of them (which probably won’t happen!)
4- Stainless steel means no BPA’s that are common in many plastics…no toxins seeping into your food and your body!
5- Super easy to clean!
6- They fit easily into a backpack or briefcase!
7- They are the perfect mix of “cool” for the kids and “sleek and professional” for adults…these aren’t like the 80’s cartoon lunchboxes I grew up with!


These pink lunch containers are also perfect for Bento!

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