Best shiatsu foot massager

Effective Shiatsu foot massager with remote

Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure” and the practice, similar to energy massage, is designed to enhance the vital energy flow of QI. Your feet are the foundation of your vitality and how they are feeling affects your whole body. A Shiatsu machine with kneading and rolling patterns will let you experience  the best foot massage possible from the comfort of your home.

This machine by Kendal has several pressure points that offer kneading relief under your soles as well as around your feet and calves. It even has a toe mode!  You can recline through all modes and change program and speeds with the remote controller.

What does a Shiatsu massager feel like? A pleasurable kneading and rolling massage that targets specific energy and stress points. In short: it is very relaxing.

A session runs just 40 watts of power and even though it might look large on this photo, the whole contraption weighs just 15 pounds and easily slides in under your bed. I would never put it away though and keep it by the TV recliner at all times 🙂

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