Equine Inherent Risk Law Sign For Horse Owners

Equine Inherent Risk Law signs are a must have for any horse owner.  I have one hanging on the front gate of my property as a notice to anyone coming in.

In my case, someone would likely be there as a guest just to visit but at the same time there may be activities going on around the barn, pens or in the arena.  Most people want to go out and have a look at the horses and see what is going on.  While we are all quite capable of controlling our horses, things can happen.  There will be an accident at some time or another when you’re around animals.

A sign like this is like most warning signs, it is a warning.  It will not prevent you from getting sued if someone gets their foot stepped on by a horse.  People who are so inclined will sue you for anything.

There are laws in each state concerning Equine Risk Laws and there are other signs available for most states that site the individual laws. Get them together and hang them up.  You may save yourself a big headache on down the line.

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