Exotac Freekey System

Exotac Freekey System

Are you sick of seriously damaging your fingernails and gouging your fingers every time you pry your keyring to remove or add keys? Do you curse in silence (or loudly in public) as you fumble with your car keys while the valet wait impatiently? The Exotac Freekey System is the ultimate keyring. Say goodbye to your keyring woes forever.

To add or remove a key, just press gently on the Freekey logo on the keyring itself and the Exotac Freekey opens up for you to slide the key in or out. It comes with 3 mini rings so that you can group your keys and remove multiple keys at one go. Use them to organize your keys. The Freekey itself can hold 6 keys or more.

The Exotac Freekey System is currently the best selling keyring on Amazon.

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