Favorite Eton FRX3 Wind up Radio

Are you prepared when the electricity goes out? We are!

We live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and extremely bad thunderstorms. Often, we lose electricity. I am not interested in getting into my car to charge my cell phone in a major thunder and lightning storm, so I started looking for some easy ways to overcome doing that. I wanted a device that did not have to depend on batteries, and one that would provide weather information and news – reliably.

After looking at a LOT of different options, I chose two. One of them, is this Eton FRX3 wind up radio.

Here are its features:

  • It can be wound up, as it has a turbine in it.
  • The handle is sturdy, unlike some we have owned.
  • It receives AM and FM radio channels
  • All 7 of the NOAA weather channels can be heard
  • It has a solar panel to help keep its charge
  • There is a place to plug in your headphones
  • Its display lights up
  • There is a red LED beacon and a strong LED flashlight in it
  • It includes a tiny USB cable with DC input
  • The unit is attractive
  • It doesn’t take 5 minutes of turning the handle, to get results.
  • One additional feature, which I am glad to have, is that there is a glow in the dark frame around the display. That makes it easy to find, when the electricity is off.

Because our sons were, for a time, away from ANY electricity in Alaska – the Eton FRX3 hand powered radio and cell phone charger was a blessing. It is something everyone should have in an emergency situation, and the BEST thing about it is – it doesn’t cost a “fortune”!

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