Findster GPS Tracker

Findster GPS tracker for Kids and Pets

The Findster GPS tracker is the first tracker for kids and pets that doesn’t require a monthly fee. With Findster, you will always know where your kids or your pets are at all times.

The system consists of two devices. One is a GPS tag that you keep on your child or pet and the other is used for wirelessly tracking the tag by using your smartphone. The tag can be worn on a belt, on a wrist strap or a pet collar.

You can set an area that will be monitored by Findster. If your child or pet leaves the area, an alert is immediately sent to your phone. The system has a navigation system that tells the direction and distance will guide you to your child or pet.

With an optional base station, you can constantly track and be aware of the location of your child or pet while at home, school or a friend’s home. The base station continuously monitors the location without you being around.

The big attraction of the Findster GPS tracker is that there is no monthly fee. Just pay once for the system and use it forever.

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