Fish Themed Oil Drum Art From Haiti

Fish Themed Oil Drum Art From Haiti

Give your Home Worldly Appeal with this beautiful Fish Themed Oil Drum Art From Haiti. This piece of art is also fair trade!

I love the movement in this piece and the shimmer. I can look at this and imagine snorkling off the coast of Haiti, where this sculpture was made by artist Carlos Brutus, and seeing a school of fish swirling around a reef, with the sunlight reflecting off their shining scales.

If you love the ocean and want to bring that feel into your home no matter where you live, this recycled, handcrafted artwork from Haiti is the perfect way to mix that theme into your decor in a very affordable way.

There are so many talented people in the world, and not all of them have the advantages we enjoy here. People with much less than we have who ply their talents with recycled oil drums and other disused steel drums.

These are fair gift options in that they are sold on behalf of the artisan who crafts them and in return for a decent wage. Some of the art is pretty primitive in nature and all the more appealing for that.

Haiti, especially, is known for its beautiful steel drum art pieces.

You can buy oil drum art online in many craft and fair trade stores, as well as on ebay and Amazon.

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