Fisher Price Farm: Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Cicak Junior’s Little People collection began with one car and has spread to many vehicles and play sets, including this Fisher Price Farm.

I think that the best thing about Little People is that they allow your child to open up  their imagination.

In our house you are just as likely to find dinosaurs in the Fisher Price Farm as you are traditional farm animals, and my toddler likes to park his toy trains in their too.

The Fisher Price Farm is a delightful play set, which, along with other Little People sets has recently had a face lift. The figures have been slimmed down and made to look a little more lifelike and the farm building has been given an overhaul too, but the animals still  appear the same.

This Fisher Price Farm farm comes complete with Farmer Eddie and a selection of animals.

When you open the silo door the hay slides down to the ground, the barn doors make sounds when they are open and closed and the dial that is placed over the door to the barn plays songs when it is turned.

Playing with figures of people and animals can help children to explore their imagination, develop language skills, learn how to solve problems and safely explore the larger world around them.

Play sets, such as those from Fisher Price’s Little People range can help to stimulate a toddler’s imagination.

I listen to my own two year old as he uses his ever growing language skills to give voices to his Little People and watch in amazement as he re-enacts every day events like shopping, meal times, potty training and makes his figures play out human emotions such as kissing Dada goodnight, being upset at not being able to have unlimited chocolate etc etc.

He loves to get really involved in his imaginative play and the range of Little People play sets really help him to stretch his imagination. I know that Little People toys will remain a favourite in our house for many years to come, and I’m sure they will in your house too.

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