5 blade her scissors

Five Bladed Herb Scissors By RSVP

No more fear of cutting yourself

Whether making your favorite stew, or roasting your famous pot roast they both usually entail the addition of herbs, and spices.  Most cooks will agree that fresh herbs are the best but some will shy away from them simply because they have difficulty wielding a knife safely.

Five bladed herb scissors

When it comes to chopping up those herbs without endangering your digits your’e going to love this brainstorm of a kitchen gadget. – The five bladed herb scissors. The herb scissors are simpler, safer, and faster to use than the traditional chopping board, and chefs knife routine.

One snip usually does it

As a matter of fact when using the herb scissors it’s not even necessary to use a chopping board. You can actually snip your herbs write over your soup pot, or roasting pan. The five blades do such a good job chopping things like parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (Beatles tune anyone?) that one snip usually does it.

Kids love it too

If you don’t already have this gadget in your kitchen arsenal. Order yours today, and have it just in time for your next family gathering. It will also make a fun conversation piece, and kids love it too – it’s a great way to get them involved in the kitchen.

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