Folding Collapsible Crate on Wheels

Collapsible plastic crates with wheels have never-ending uses from home office uses, to hauling soccer balls, even groceries.

The plastic crate has a mesh-like design for rinsing off sporting equipment and having it dry without toting dirty toys, basketballs–really whatever without having to unload it. Its sturdy, lightweight, construction folds flat (my favorite feature) for storing in the smallest of areas, like under beds, in car trunks; too, you can pile one or more storage crates atop each other in a closet.

Here’s some other uses and advantages for this folding rolling crate:

  • hauling groceries and laundry upstairs and across campuses.
  • keep the crate downstairs and drop or toss laundry into crate below (kids love this)
  • using public transportation or rolling groceries to distant parking spots
  • ¬†helping those with disabilities with its easy open and collapse feature
  • easy rolling plastic crate basket is water resistant for bad weather use
  • crate is great for rolling all your beach stuff, then shower sand off (love this one)
  • rolling beverages to events with its tough plastic crate
  • easy to pull this collapsible crate with telescoping (sliding) handle
  • saves back strain and folds easily when done with your shopping or chores
  • fabulous laundry hamper; just throw in dirty clothes and roll ’em to the laundry site

Obviously, there’s a plethora of possible uses unique to each user and with this low price tag (I got mine delivered free on Amazon. Be sure to check the conditions. If space, time, budget and ease of use is of utmost importance, I recommend this easy wheeling plastic crate that collapses/folds flat and wheels along, this basket crate is for you.

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