Food Face Dinner Plate

Every child needs a Food Face dinner plate.

Sure, it might encourage a child to play with their food, but that’s okay.

The Food Face plate reminds me of the “Wooly Willy” game of my childhood.  What kind of funny faces can you make.

It is most perfect for young children who are just starting to eat on their own, discovering new finger foods.  Kids of that age might be a little picky about what they eat.  It is proven that children are more prone to try a new food if that food is somehow more fun.

No kid wants to eat green beans.  But what about Green eyebrows?  A carrot mustash?  Broccoli hair?  YUM!

There is both a Mr. and a Mrs. Food Face to appeal both to picky boys and girls.

The Food Face is a kid friendly dinner plate measuring 8.5 inches around.

It is also a parent friendly dinner plate because it is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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