Funko Legacy The Book of Life - Maria

Funko Legacy The Book of Life – Maria

The Book of Life is the new animated movie and is produced by Guillermo del Toro. It is a delightful love triangle story between 2 best of friends and their love for Maria, their childhood friend. The movie also centers around the Day of the Dead celebration, a Mexican holiday that is celebrated in many other parts of the world as well.

Maria is the main female character in the movie and if you expect her to be the damsel in distress who is waiting for the 2 best friends to save her from some dastardly villain, you will be disappointed. In line with new animated movies with strong female characters, Maria more than holds her own against the bad guys in this movie. In fact, she is an accomplished fencer and she knows Kung Fu!

Fans of The Book of Life movie and Maria will love the Funko Legacy The Book of Life – Maria figurine. Since the movie characters are represented by wooden figurines, they easily make a jump from celluloid to action figurines. The figure is well articulated with 20 joints for all kinds of creative poses. In honor of her strong character, this only accessory that comes with this figurine of Maria is her fencing sword.

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