Funko Pop! Book of Life - La Muerte

Funko Pop! The Book of Life – La Muerte

I was pleasantly surprised by The Book of Life movie. There was minimal hype leading to the movie release and the trailers didn’t half reveal what a delightful movie this turned out to be. To be honest, the only reason I ended up not missing the movie was because I am a fan of producer Guillermo del Toro.

The Book of Life is ironically mostly about death. There are two realms of afterlife and no, they are not heaven and hell but rather the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten. La Muerte is the deity that rules the Land of the Remembered and what a wonderful place it is. In the Land of the Remembered there are epic fiestas every day and all-you-can-eat churros. It is by far more fun and more spectacular than any movie depiction of heaven I have ever seen. While La Muerte is not the lead female character in the movie, she is one of my favorites from the movie.

Funko Pop! has come up with a whole line up of The Book of Life characters and La Muerte is one of them. I will definitely be picking up the Funko Pop! The Book of Life – La Muerte figurine plus a couple more.

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