Funko Pop: Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax Action Figure

Big Hero 6 would not be complete without Baymax. Baymax is the nurse robot who is huge, white and is always alarmed when someone is hurt or not well. Through Hiro, Baymax gained additional power and also transformed into a super hero. When Baymax has his red armor suit on, he becomes a bad ass superhero who can fly and hit anything with his powerful rocket fist. Re-live the exciting adventures of Baymax and the rest of the Big Hero 6 through this adorable Funko’s POP Baymax Action Figure. This action figure is six inch tall and is made from high quality materials that will surely be an astounding addition to your Big Hero 6 collectibles. The Funko Pop: Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax Action Figure can stand up sturdy enough by itself without the use of any base. With regards to its color, as you could see the red armor and mask are vividly painted on a glossy red without any imperfections. This is perfect for display or for playing.   Baymax with a POP culture turned out to be a charming toy and one of the finest collectible in the market today.

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