round circle donut chair

Funky Retro Donut Chair

Time to make the donuts? No. Time to eat the doughnuts? Maybe. Time to sit in the donut chair? Yes! Absolutely.

This funky orange bonded-leather chair would fit perfectly in with any retro 1970s decor, as well as mid-century modern (that’s the first one I thought of). Everyone will want to take turns sitting in this somewhat odd-looking donut-shaped piece of furniture. Folks who have tried it warn that it doesn’t give any lumbar support, and is rather low to the ground, so if you have issues with those points you probably shouldn’t use it. On the other hand, it does make a great accent piece and conversation starter, and is sure to be a hit with the kids. Think of it as a kind of elevated beanbag chair without the beans.

And speaking of beans … Did the hole in the middle make you think “Hey, this would be a great chair for someone who passes gas a lot!” (Maybe I grew up with too much potty-humor, but farts and fart jokes still make me laugh!). Regardless of what your reason for buying this chair is, you’ll be pleased to know that putting it together is a breeze (of the non-scented variety)!

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