Suit and Tie Illusion Tshirt

Suit T-Shirt Gives New Meaning to Smart Casual!

OK, lovers of funny t-shirts and all that’s quirky, this one is for you. A long-sleeved t-shirt that looks like a suit! A 1960s suit, to be precise. Now you can be as casual and comfortable as you please, but still have a smart appearance. Great concept, isn’t it?

The 1960s will be forever remembered as a decade of trend-setting. Regular as clockwork, those sixties fashions come back in style. Some things never went out of style in the first place, such as the Beatles. Well, you can look like one of the Beatles yourself if you put this clever tee on. The skinny sixties styling is a perfect match for a long-sleeve top, looking convincing where a more bulky suit would just look fake.

It features a realistic print of a smart shirt, tailored jacket (complete with buttons and pocket detail) and a striped tie.

What’s to love about this t-shirt?

  • First of all, it’s an amazing concept. I just love the idea of interpreting the phrase ‘smart casual’ in a new way.
  • Then there’s the amazing printing. This is a sublimation printing process. What does that mean, you may well ask. It means it was created using a dye-sublimation printer which allows for true representation of changing tones. Basically, it produces a superior image with greater up-close realism.
  • The illusion this suit t-shirt creates is impressive. The shadows, shiny buttons and layering make it hard to believe this isn’t an actual suit.
  • 5 sizes make it easy to find the perfect fit. They range from S to XXL.

Wear this if you want to turn heads and start conversations. It’s also for you if you don’t like dressing up or feel the need to make an ironic statement (I’m looking at you, hipster). Of course, it might irritate your mother if you arrive in this after she instructed you to ‘dress up’, but you can’t deny that the idea is tempting.

In the office, it gives a new meaning to casual Friday or gives you something to wear when it’s way too hot outside for a true shirt, tie and jacket combo. If you have sensory issues and don’t like heavy, stiff clothing or the feel of a necktie choking you (and believe me, many of us know that feeling only too well), we might just have a solution here for you too!

And then there are those ‘I hate Halloween and this is my lame costume’ type of people.  Yeah, you could just write that on a boring white t-shirt, but wear this one instead and you can surprise everyone who thought you lacked originality.

But do you really need an excuse to wear a funny suit t-shirt like this? Just the fact that it’s fun is reason enough.

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