Guinea Pig by Fur Real Friends

Furreal Friends Guinea Pig

We own several guinea pigs, so when we found the Furreal Friends Guinea Pig toy, we purchased a couple for our grandchildren. They love OUR guinea pigs, so we knew they would enjoy these.

There are actually two different guinea pig toys that the Fur Real Friends company makes. One is a tri-color, and the other one, featured here, is black and white.

This little guinea pig needs 3 AAA batteries, in a little compartment under where you would expect a guinea pig’s tail to be. We say that, because guinea pigs do not have tails! He is about 8 inches long, just a good size for a guinea pig!

He blinks, moves his ears, squeaks just like a REAL guinea pig, and makes a guinea piggy “purring” sound. It is actually a soft rumble, very similar to what our guinea pigs do. This sweet little boy comes with his own bottle, too, and when you put it into his mouth, he makes little chewing and sniffing sounds. If you pet his back, he will move his head, and when you stop, he just lies down.

Our grandchildren love them, we do too, and so will you!

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