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Gemmy inflatable outdoor movie screen

Spice up your outdoor living zone with a self-inflating cinema screen and offer kids and friends a show they won’t forget. Portable projection screens are nothing new and the roll-up version is a classic that goes back decades. It may have been good for viewing slides and charts in the office, but you simply can’t make them big enough for animated film!

Luckily, entertainment inflatables have arrived and offer huge image surfaces while being lightweight and utterly simple to set up.

The Gemmy 12 shown here is a large outdoor cinema screen with a viewable area of 123″ x 70″ which is more than enough for a backyard TV night. Or, take a hint from the image above and lounge in the pool while watching a good movie or your favorite sports game.

While this is a self-contained theater wall with built-in inflation, it does not come with a media player so you obviously need a projector of some sort.

There are several sizes of to choose from, and most (like this one) fit in a bag for easy storage and transportation.

What’s so good about blow-up movie screens compared to regular ones? They are much faster to setup. Price is about the same.

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