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Where To Get A Free Stan Lee Autograph Or Where To Buy One

Stan Lee’s modesty is just one of the things that fans admire about him. His clean personal track record coupled with his amazing career makes him a suitable role model for us all. He has had an extraordinary life and his fan base keeps growing. Young and old marvel at his accomplishments.

This is why Stan Lee is a great person and role model:

“Someone wants to do a movie of my life now and he’s writing a script, and I said to him, “What the hell could you do? I’ve never been arrested, I haven’t taken drugs, I’ve had the same wife for 54 years – where’s anything of interest to people?” -Stan Lee, interview, Apr. 30, 2002

Stan Lee Autographs

How to get you very own free Stan Lee autograph:

It was my little brother’s 16th birthday and I wanted to give him something special. He is an avid Stan Lee fan and comic collector. I though how great it would be to get him a comic signed by Stan. I looked around eBay and other collector sites but everything was too expensive. I finally came across a website that had an address to write to Mr. Lee and get a free autograph. Yes, I said free! All you have to do is send off whatever it is you want signed and in a few weeks, you get it sent back to you. I read all the comments on the site to make sure it wasn’t fake or a scam. Everyone was very please. So I took the chance.

I snuck into my bro’s room when he wasn’t home one day and took four different comics. All I had to pay for was the envelopes and stamps. I included a letter to Mr. Lee telling him who the comics were for and that I would appreciate if he would sign his favorite one…all four weren’t necessary. About three weeks later, I got them back in the mail as promised. I was surprised when I opened it that Stan Lee had signed all four comics for me. What a generous man!. Needless to say, my brother was ecstatic to receive the gift (although not too thrilled that I snuck into his room).

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Mr. Lee for his generosity and love of his fans.

If you would like to write to Stan Lee and get your own autograph, here is the address:

Stan Lee
Pow! Entertainment, Inc.
9440 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 620
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4608

Please feel free to visit to read the mailing instructions for getting your autograph and to read feedback from satisfied fans.

You can also buy unique memorabilia signed by Stan Lee, such as this very cool Big Bang Theory photo

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