Get the Hint Stickies

Get the Hint Stickies

For folks who just don’t get it maybe it is time to get a little less subtle. These are perfect for parents of messy teenagers (are there any other kind?) or for those unfortunate ones who have to share a room with a messy room mate. The Get the Hint Stickies are a set of stickies that help you get the message across.

It has 5 different designs – “Wash This”, “Pick This Up”, “Put This Away”, “Gross” and “Clean This” and there are 20 pieces of stickers for each design. I’m pretty sure these 5 designs has all your bases covered and hopefully there are enough labels in this pack of Get the Hint Stickies to restore some order to the room. Otherwise you may have no choice but to swap your room mate or your teenager.

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