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Originally a health device

Kangoo Boots were originally designed as a therapeutic device to help people who were recovering from leg injuries. The concept of how this boot assisted with rehabilitation was simple, and twofold. These specially designed  springs on the bottom off the shoes would absorb the energy normally transferred through your legs and into your knees. Then the spring would cause a reverse action and recoil, helping with the upward movement of your leg. As rehabilitation progressed you would simply become more aggressive during your workouts.

Great aerobic workout

The thing is, although the boots do help with rehabilitation, they have become even more popular in the health, and fitness field. Apparently it’s a lot of fun to get your cardio workout in by bouncing around like a Tigger. Get a group together, add a little techno beat, and you have a fun new style of aerobics class. Check with your local gym to see if they offer a Kangoo Class.

Kangoo jumps are great exercise

If you enjoy a good outdoor run. No worries. The Kangoo Boots work great on most surfaces, and have a surprisingly stable grip. Inspired by the Kangoo Boots, Kangoo Jumps and Kangoo runs are a lot of fun, and make for seriously good aerobic exercise. Order your own pair of Kangoo Boots for sale online, and you can be hopping healthily tomorrow.

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