Motion detecting sprinkler deterrent

How to get rid of raccoons with water

Raccoon and deer can be difficult to keep away from your garden. Home-owners with animal pest problems will try everything from spreading scents, building scarecrows, using lights and sound, and even setting traps and using poison. In most cases, none of these methods will get rid of raccoon or deer from your yard.

There is however one method that always works,  although most homeowners have yet to discover it. The trick? A jet of water to scare them away.

The Orbit Enforcer looks like a mis-match mix between a robot and a camera tripod, but it is very practical and extremely easy way get rid of raccoons. This type of motion detecting water robot is commonly referred to as a scarecrow sprinkler and it is a humane and non-lethal way to protect your garden.

The tripod that holds the sprinkler head with the motion sensor makes it simple to change height and position of the unit. To use, simply connect a garden hose to the extension under the tripod, turn on the water and it will shoot a short jet of water to scare all sizes of animals away from your garden.

Scarecrow sprinklers have proven efficiency against raccoon, deer, birds and even neighbor pets with hundreds of positive reviews from buyers.

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