Gingerbread Ninja Cookie Cutters

Gingerbread Ninja Cookie Cutters

Gingerbread men are so boring. They are harmless, innocuous figures that are just waiting to be eaten. How dull and uneventful is that? If you knew you were going to be eaten alive, wouldn’t you try and fight back? Wouldn’t you go all ninja and kick some ass? Introducing, the new breed of gingerbread men infused with awesome oriental martial arts skills. These are the Ninjabread Men made using the Gingerbread Ninja Cookie Cutters from Fred & Friends.

Add some much needed action and mayhem to your gingerbread men. The Fred & Friends Gingerbread Ninja Cookie Cutters comes with 3 action ninja attack poses. Use your imagination and creative skills to create funny or action packed scenes featuring ninja gingerbread men. Bound to be a hit at your next cookie party.

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