Gnome Zen Garden

Gnome Zen Garden

If you are feeling a little flustered, and stress is getting you down, you need a Gnome zen garden for your desktop!

Zen Buddhists have been practicing meditation using Zen gardens for centuries.  The traditional Japanese rock (or zen) garden was intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature.  A rake was used to place designs in a dry garden bed, meant to be looked over from another spot.

However, when you’re practicing Zen meditation with a garden gnome, then you can’t take yourself too seriously.  When you’re making sand garden designs with a tiny rake shaped like a lawn flamingo you’re probably not going to reach a transcendent state, but you are sure to smile!

The Gnome zen garden’s resident gnome , sitting in peaceful meditation on his cushion, serves double duty.  Garden gnomes are known to bring good luck if you catch them in your garden.  So not only are his colorful mushroom garden decorations and lawn flamingo sand rake going to make you smile, but the gnome himself will bring you luck as well as inner peace.

The Gnome Zen Garden comes with a box (approx. 7.5″ x 5″), sand, three mushrooms, a tiny gazing ball, a lawn flamingo rake, and a meditating gnome.  The box and figures are made from resin with a shipping weight of around 3 pounds.

This adorable garden gnome with a twist will make a great gift for Gnome lovers, mushroom lovers, lawn flamingo friends, or anyone who loves playing in a tiny desktop sandbox!

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