Gorgeous Cinderella Costume for Adult Women

Those who grew up watching Disney classics will sure be excited when they see you donning a classy, classic Disney character costume. Take Cinderella for example. She is always be the heroine of girls. Beautiful, kind but needed a good prince to come and rescue her. Princess costumes are not for little girls only, no. There are tons of princess costumes for the ladies out there. This costumes look supper cute and sexy!

This costume is just great! If you think most adult costumes for women are are a little bit revealing because of the shortness of the skirts  ack of sleeves of the outfits, them this one is for you, my modest beauty. This Cinderella outfit includes a satin Cinderella gown with sequin trimmed chiffon puff sleeves and panniers. This does not include glovettes, tiara and glass slippers, though, which you can buy at store where you can buy this costume.

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