Hand Carved Malachite Elephant

Gorgeous Hand Carved Malachite Elephant

The hand carved Malachite African Elephant is a unique piece that is beautiful and made from lapidary carving. Lapidary carving is a technique where the raw gem is put in a Lapidary tool to cut and polish and give it the finesse and lustre. Malachite stone occurs in nature in a green hue and resembles the mallow plant, hence the mineral was given this name.

The stone is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral and has a special place in healing. People believe it is a stone of transformation – which means it helps during the period of changes. People who believe in crystal healing use malachite for several purposes. According to them it saved from electromagnetic interferences, radiation and pollution. Modern gadgets like computers, laptops and handsets might be responsible for ailments whose causes are yet to established, malachite stone is supposed to save from negative energies from such devices.

This is a beautifully handcrafted pachyderm that will look awesome anywhere you place either on your study table or in living room, The elephant is a creature who is loyal and remembers the help or the favour, similarly the stone stands for true friendships, facilitating insights and balance of energies.

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