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GPS pet tracker with phone app

A pet that gets lost is a terrible thing to experience – for owner as well as animal. If you attach a gps tracking collar to your dog or cat you will always know exactly where it is at all times. The Tagg pet tracker is a lightweight GPS collar that lets you see where your dog is right on your phone.

Cats and dogs break loose, run off, or simply disappear for long periods of time.  Not knowing is the worst part of loosing a pet.  Is it simply lost? Has your breed dog been kidnapped or is it lying injured in a ditch by the freeway?

If your dog or cat is wearing a Tagg pet location collar and you want to find it, simply bring out your phone, start the Tagg app and you will see exactly where it is… even it just happened to sneak in to the neighbor for an extra snack.

Tagg tracking collars are easy to use and small enough to wear as a cat locator yet robust to cope with being carried by even the most active large dog on the block.

There are additional features that explains why this is the best selling dog tracker on the market: you can use it to monitor your pet’s daily exercise levels, and it can send you an email or sms if your pet runs off! The best part about this GPS tracking collar though is being able to see on a map exactly where your loved one is.

Where to buy Tagg pet tracker? On Amazon with free shipping of course.

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