Grayl - The Water Filtration Cup

Grayl Water Filtration Cup Turns any Water Source into Drinking Water

The Grayl Water Filtration Cup is seems magical. It may not turn wine into water (that would require divine intervention) but it can turn any source of water into clean, great-tasting water. It looks just like any ordinary water container but just fill up this 16 oz water container, press down the filter and the water is ready for drinking.

The filter on the Grayl Water Filtration Cup is able to remove 99.99% of all bacteria including E. coli. It also removes chlorine, Penicilin, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lead, aluminum and other heavy metal. Filtered water is odorless and tasteless unlike drinking water made safe using water purification tablets.

The filter is replaceable. Each filter is rated to clean up to 4 gallons of water which is equivalent to 3 glasses of water a day for 3 months. The Grayl Water Filtration Cup is great for outdoor trips and also for emergency uses.


Grayl Water Filtration CupGrayl Water Filtration CupGrayl Water Filtration CupGrayl Water Filtration Cup

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