Guard Dog Diablol Flashlight_Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security Stun Gun Flashlight

Do you feel insecure jogging in the dark or leaving work at night? Maybe wondered what to do if  a aggressive dog  attacked your child or dog?

 Get a Guard Dog Security Diablo 4.5 million volt  Stun Gun Flashlight.

This is a great personal defense tool for anybody who feels the need for a effective deterrent that with its 4.5 million volt can incapacitate your assailant man or dog without using lethal force.and is both discrete and handy

The ultra bright 160 lumen tactical flashlight is called tactical for a reason: It is  so strong that if shined into the eyes a potential assailant it will temporarily blind the object giving you time to decide further action. The over 4 million volt discharge between the hidden nodes is so loud and visible that it alone will scare away most threats. And ultimately if there are no other options discharging the powerful electric charge will stun and disable the assailant without any lasting physical damage.

Everyone should have one and feel the peace of mind of having personal security. !

The Guard Dog Security Stun Gun Flashlight is the first device of its kind, combining 160-lumen tactical field light with the added security of a  stun gun and is for everyday usage and very discreet with the probes concealed within the bezel of the flashlight so no one will notice them. one-hand operation of all functions and accidental discharge security switch. The flashlight is made of Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, has a  strobe option and measures 6.75-inch in length. A includes a nylon carry case and inbuilt rechargeable battery are included.

About Guard Dog
Headquartered in Winter Springs, Florida. Guard Dog Security produces security and protection devices for everyday use, making home and personal security convenient and affordable for everyone.

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