Halloween Pumpkin Appendages

Halloween Pumpkin Appendages

If pumpkins suddenly grew arms and legs on Halloween, I would imagine this is exactly what they would look like. The Halloween Pumpkin Appendages turn any innocent and perfectly harmless looking pumpkin into something that came right out of a horror movie.

The Halloween Pumpkin Appendages add very realistic looking enchanted-vine arms and legs to your pumpkins. The appendages are made from foam molded over bendable metal that allow all you pumpkin decorators out there to bend and pose your horror pumpkins. Make your pumpkin wave creepily or hug a bag of candy, daring any brave trick-or-treating kid to try grab it from him.

The pumpkin can be carved as you like or just left as it is as it is scary enough with just the Halloween Pumpkin Appendages. Comes in a set with 2 arms and 2 legs.


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