HearthSong HugglePod HangOut

HearthSong HugglePod HangOut

Looking at the HearthSong HugglePod HangOut makes me wish that I was a kid again. Why didn’t they have such cool toys back then? I also bet that with great toys like the HearthSong HugglePod HangOut, there will be no problems getting kids today to take their eyes off their iPads and other electronic toys. Get them off the couch and out the door and into the backyard.

The HugglePod Hangout hangs from a tree or a beam to create the perfect little space to snuggle, play and read. It has 3 porthole style windows and a door with Velcro flaps. The interior is lighted up by a string of battery powered LED lights. The pod itself is made from super strong nylon and canvas material and is able to support up to 250 lbs.

The HearthSong HugglePod HangOut  can also be used indoors. Just get the optional HearthSong stand.

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