Custom travel postage stamps

Hiking boot custom stamps for postcards

The boots on this custom postage were once my own.  The brave hiking boots did good service as travel companions in all sorts of situations and over all kinds of terrain – from sidewalks to beaches to rocky mountains.

Finally worn out, I wanted to pay them homage and what better way than to let them piggyback and ride on cards and letters that people send back home from all over the world? 🙂

When I travel I always make sure to send a bunch of traditional postcards to friends and family, instead of a Facebook post.  Postcards and letters are much more personal and both the writer and the reader will experience a closer connection.  I even send one or two to myself as a reminder when I get back home of where I was and what it was like.

If you like to rough it outdoors, backpack, hike and camp – these stamps will fit right in on your letters.

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