Hohner Blues Band Harmonica

The harmonica is about the easiest and most convenient musical instrument you can find, and the Hohner Blues Band has that classic tone that fits right in with blues, rock and folk music.

I have played harmonica in the past and always used Hohner harmonicas. They are well made, easy to care for and last a long time. They sound fantastic too!

And remember, if times get tough and you really got THE BLUES, all you need to make money for a meal is a hat and a harmonica!

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I have been playing music since 1967. I stared with the drums, then added guitar in 1970. I earned a BA in Music theory in 1977. Along the way I also learned bass guitar, ukulele and penny whistle. Through Whyrll.com I will be sharing lots of COOL STUFF to educate and make your life more FUN!

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