Street Hawk RC Flying Car

Traffic jam are terrible and irritating especially during rush hours or when you are out for something really important. If only a flying car would be invented then you could just float right up and fly. Good for the kids and the kids at heart, there’s now the Hot Wheels Street Hawk.  Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car is a fierce remote control car that is not only the king of the road on the ground but is also conquering the air.   Moving this RC car on the ground during races is such a breeze because the controls are powerful and execution is instant. Exhibitions on the ground as you show off to your friends is all possible because it has 360 degree proportional round steering.   And with its very light weight body, it can easily be driven and be aerially maneuvered for up to two hundred feet. It even has propellers that can perform spins of over 35K RPM. Soaring high up in the sky and running swiftly on the ground, what more can you ask for? The Hot Wheels Street Hawk gives you the feel and thrill of the best of both worlds!

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