house lannister coffee mug

House Lannister Game Of Thrones Coffee Mug

A perfect gift for fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones this coffee mug that represents House Lannister is a must have for the collector. Well, maybe not a must have but I’m thinking they will love it. Those Lannisters are hard to like with all of their treachery, that is for sure. They are one of those families that you sort of love to hate. Aren’t they?

Actually, I rather like Tyrion Lannister. Of all of the members of House Lannister, he at least has reason to do some treacherous activities and he can be so darned funny! It is kind of sad that his father Tywin never realized his intelligence and embraced him as the heir to Casterly Rock because of all of his children Tyrion would have taken care of it the best.

At first I really didn’t like Jaime of House Lannister but after he spent some time with Brienne of Tarth and got his hand cut off, he did seem to change and become a more likable person. I’m anxious to see how he develops in the story line.

Then there is Tywin and his daughter Cercei who are just so devious! Don’t even get me started on Joffrey who isn’t really a Baratheon but a Lannister through and through, not to mention not right in the head.

The House Lannister coffee mug is a nice shade of gray and holds 11 ounces of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Fans of the series are sure to love it, I think. Actually, I think a collection of a coffee mug from each of the Houses of Westeros would be cool to have in the kitchen or even the office break room.

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