Kota Triceratops Dinosaur by Playskool

Huge Playskool Triceratops Dinosaur

Yes, this is expensive – but what a dinosaur toy! This huge Playskool Triceratops Dinosaur is named Kota. It is quite an unusual toy for a child, and a costly one, too, but isn’t it great?

You know, when I was a little girl, all that I wanted for Christmas one year, was a toy riding horse. They were “the latest thing” at the time, and one of the few things I really, really wanted.

I asked both of my parents to ask Santa Claus to bring me one, as my parents taught me that he was, indeed, real. I wanted him so badly, I could hardly stand it. It was made by Marx toys, and called Marvel the Mustang Bouncer Horse.

Christmas came, and I didn’t get it, but I did get a note from “Santa”, telling me that he was unable to fulfill my request at the time, and hoped I would be content with the books that I received. I was so disappointed.

Perhaps you are in a position to provide this for your child. I have never seen anything like it, unless you consider “Marvel” the horse to be a close second.

Kota, the huge Playskool Triceratops Dinosaur will be an instant hit! Why? Well, let me list the reasons:

  1. He comes equipped to play 4 different songs
  2. If his nose is touched, he pretends to sniff at what touched him
  3. He roars and laughs
  4. His head moves, as do his tail, mouth, eye, and horn
  5. He can hold a child that weighs up to 60 lbs.
  6. He has sensors installed, to recognize touch in several areas
  7. He will munch on the “leafy snack” that comes with Kota.
  8. He really is large, standing over 3 feet tall

Kota is actually a BABY Triceratops. That’s a lot of toy dinosaur, wouldn’t you say? Your children will love him, and so will their friends and your entire family. Isn’t he adorable?

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