Insta-Bed EZ Bed Air Mattress Review

Have you ever slept on an inflatable mattress. You know like the ones people keep for overnight guests when they don’t have room for a “real” guest room. The last time I spent the night on one, I might as well have slept on the floor.

I was having family come to stay and I really didn’t want to put them through that, so shopping I went. I found the Insta-Bed EZ Bed Air Mattress and it solved my problem.

What makes this one different than other inflatable mattresses is that it has an automatic pump. You plug it in and the pump fills the mattress without you needing to be there, and then it monitors the firmness of the mattress until you take it down.

The pump fires up and adds more volume when it senses the mattress needs more pressure. Voila! No more ending up on the floor with a sore back in the morning.

You can use it for traveling to visit family, or even take it camping. It is also handy to keep around for when guests come to stay. The Insta-Bed EZ Bed air mattress is a queen size, which is perfect couples, or several kids. You will love this air mattress!

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