ION Pics 2 SD Photo, Slide and Film Scanner

Most of us over a certain age have boxes of old school photos that’s somewhere in the dark recesses of our closets. We pull them out and enjoy them usually when we were looking for something else in said dark closet.

That funny picture of Uncle Ralph on Christmas is something you’d really like to post on Facebook or Instagram, but what’s an easy way to scan all those old pictures and make them digital?

The Pics 2 SD is a great way to do that. It’s fast and easy to use, and best of all it doesn’t even have to be connected to a computer to work. All that’s required is electricity, old photos, and an SD card to start scanning.

And if you’re over another certain age, you probably have old slides or 35 millimeter film in boxes, too. The Pics 2 SD can scan those, too, just as quick and easy.

Even if you’re not into social media, it’s still a good idea to make your photos, slides, and film digital. Age, fire, heat, and pets and children can wipe out your collection of old photos. Keeping them on a SD card is a guaranteed way you and your family¬†get to enjoy Uncle Ralph, Christmas 1969, until 2069 and beyond.

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