iron fist zombie stompers

Iron Fist Stompers – Zombie Stompers With Style

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

How do you dress up for Halloween without wearing a costume? – Start from the bottom up. “It’s all about the shoes baby!” These haughty Iron Fist Stompers may have been inspired by tattoo artists for the street scene, but they will also be a hit at any Halloween gathering. Add a little black dress, some awful green lipstick to match, a creepy necklace and earring set and top it off with a wild hairdo or wig and you are ready to go. The “Corpse Bride” has nothing on you.

Break The Curse

Zombie pumps from Iron fist may be loud, but they will free you from your curse of boredom. What an extraordinary accessory by themselves, or as part of an ensemble! These are no “Nightmare Before Christmas”, but they could make you the “Corpse Bride” all the other ladies hoped to be. Only a “Frankenweenie” would give these anything other than “Grave Reviews”.

A Time For Letting Go

Halloween is a time for having fun and making a statement. It’s really just about letting go anyway, isn’t it? I mean at least a little. If you are looking for a way to participate in the festivities without getting all crazy costumed up, a pair of Zombie Stomper Pumps might just be your ticket to the “Halloween Ball”.

Or maybe -“Soul Seekers”, “Glamour Guts”, or “Grave Dancers? All names of tattoo inspired women’s footwear from Iron Fist.

Iron Fist is a clothing line of Men’s and Women’s tattoo inspired street wear. The Iron Fist folks sum it up in this statement about their ladies clothing line – Iron Fist Ladies is fun, loud and never says, “Sorry.” It’s not in our vocabulary.

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