Cute Jerry Mouse USB drive

Jerry Mouse USB Drive

Jerry Mouse, one half of the iconic love-hate cartoon duo of Tom and Jerry.  A character that most of us have fond childhood memories of and the way he ran rings around Tom the cat.  I remembered being glued to their antics whenever this Hanna and Barbera cartoon series came on TV, and I expect you did too.  Like me, you may continue to enjoy them as an adult, and even have a quick peek on Youtube at them from time to time.

Well, this pint sized hero of the Tom and Jerry series can now be yours as – a Jerry Mouse USB drive.  Yes, Jerry Mouse  is available as a 8 GB USB 2.0 drive.  Pretty cute.

His head forms the cap – but don’t worry, he won’t lose his head altogether, thanks to the chain connecting his head to his body.  So hopefully he has as many lives as his onscreen look-alike.  If nothing else, this little Jerry Mouse USB drive should be a talking point with your work colleagues, family members and friends.

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