Jumbo Personal Folding Shopping Cart

A jumbo personal folding shopping cart with wheels like this one are a great basket for the elderly, those of us who prefer going green and disabled shoppers and sports enthusiasts, alike.

A lightweight, personal folding grocery cart can be a real boon. I’ve the smaller version of this basket and really appreciate it come grocery shopping day when I take public transportation. I can leave the basket folded while riding the bus to the shopping center and easily open the cart and wheel around the store collecting my groceries. These personal carts beat the store’s shopping baskets hands-down as they’re lightweight and not the chore that all the pushing of those heavyweight grocery carts can be.

Too, I can lean on the basket slightly and use it much like a walker. Personally, I don’t recommend you push the cart while full weight bearing but it sure takes a lot of the stress off my hips and knees. Use caution and practice at home, first.

The cart itself has an extra-large grocery basket and a handy side basket for separating your stuff by store, meats and veggies or keeping refrigerated stuff  away from non perishables; I do this so I know what to put away first. I recommend opting for the water resistant liner; it keeps your stuff from falling out and away from the sun and rain.

The best part of using a personal grocery cart when shopping is you won’t have to unload your groceries when getting on the bus or while heading home any other way. You easily go from grocery store to home in one cart. Then fold the cart away until your next shopping trip or outing.

It can’t get easier than that!

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