Knobby massage flip flops

Kenkoh massage flip-flop sandals

People who stand a lot at work end their day with sore feet.. which leads to back pain, and general fatigue. The knobby insoles on these flip-flops by Kenkoh have the solution to the problem by providing a automatic foot massage as you walk around.

Yes, you can find cheaper sandals than these but the Kenkoh line is the cream of the crop. The insole of each Spirit sandal is made with 1000 flexible latex nodes that provide an active foot massage as you stand and walk.

Foot reflexology is what they are made for but what also sets them apart is that they are comfortable enough to use on a daily basis thanks to proper arch support. During use, reflex points in the foot are stimulated by the firm but flexible nodes. This boosts foot, leg and body blood circulation as well as nerve functionality.

Ailments such as flat foot, plantar fasciitis (joggers heel), sciatica, etc all benefit from reflexology massage of the feet.

Spirit massage flipflops are available for men and women in several colors (brown, black, green, white). Kenkoh also makes traditional sandals that use the same therapeutic knobby insole.

Some competing brands have knobs that are hard and almost painful to stand on. Kenkoh has another approach with more refined materials that let you wear these all day at work.

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