KeySmart Compact Key Holder

KeySmart Compact Key Holder

Do you still keep all your keys on a keychain? Don’t you hate the noise they make in your pocket or when the odd key pokes you in your thigh? Or if you keep your keys in a bag, how many times have you had your keys tangled up with the other items in your bag? With the KeySmart Compact Key Holder, your keyring problems are a thing of the past.

The idea behind the KeySmart Compact Key Holder is simple. Instead of storing all your keys on a chain that makes them hard to find and identify, why not store them in a Swiss Army Knife holder? There are 2 different designs available. One that lets you hold 2-4 keys and a large one that holds anywhere from 2-12 keys. So instead of a bulky bunch of keys rattling around in your pocket or bag, you now have a compact key holder that holds your keys neatly and makes it easy to locate the one key that you need.

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