Outdoor Research Women's Aspire Jacket

Ladies Outerwear For Running In The Rain

Wear a wicking underlayer

When running in the rain it’s wise to have an under layer that wicks the perspiration away from your body, but without a good outerwear shell, what’s the point. You will just become soaked through from the outside in. There is no running shirt that can wick away an entire rainstorm.

Parka, rain jacket, or poncho for running in the rain

Your outer garment whether it is a second, or even third layer, could be a parka, a rain jacket, or a poncho. Depending on what the temperature is, and your personal preference, you’ll need to decide if you would rather wear a hooded, or un-hooded outer covering.

Lightweight as possible

Your outerwear should be as light as possible, give a good range of motion, and not get in the way of a comfortable running stride. The Aspire Jacket, by Outdoor Research meets all of the criteria, and it has so much style, you will probably win the race just by showing up.

Features of the Aspire jacket

The Aspire jacket is lightweight (16oz). It’s made of completely waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex material, and has zippers sewn in from hem, to underarm allowing for regulated air flow. If the storm gets rough this ladies rain jacket has a full hood, and drawstrings that will protect you from the elements.

Order while the skies are clear

Order your Aspire waterproof jacket while the skies are clear, and it can ship tomorrow, just in time for the coming rains.

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