Lifestrength Wristband

The Lifestrength Energy Wristband

Are you drained of energy? Do you feel listless and sluggish of body and mind? Do you have frequent colds and flues?

You body might be charged with a unhealthy level of positive ions. This may be caused by a environment with a unnaturally high positive charge you frequent e.g. in a office with many computers and printers or spaces with carpeted floors and bad ventilation.

The LifeStrength Energy Wristbands are ionized and made of  minerals and gemstones that are first charged with negative ions and then ground and then charged again to a higher negative ion level and then infused into the silicone of the wristbands.

The vitalizing effects of negative ions on body and mind is a well known fact and its proven that anions accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues headaches and aching joints. Anions are atoms with a negative charge or radicals.

The LifeStrength Ion Charged  Wristband comes in a wide range of colors and several sizes.

Make it your own energizing thunder or waterfall and charge your body with healthy negative ions.

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I’m a surviving “Hero of the Hippie Era”. Now retired I spend a lot of time on the web and enjoy sharing my things and thoughts, my own stuff as well as items I endorse.

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