Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

This lift top coffee table with storage is an ideal solution to your smaller space where storage is a necessary part of each furniture piece addition. I chose this coffee table crafted by Sauder, as I know you’ll have durability, value and beauty all rolled into one with lots of extra storage under the lift top and underneath the table with a sturdy shelf.

I’m very familiar with the Sauder line and like the free shipping and ultra-low price this table offers. There’s no fun in traipsing to the store and loading up such a heavy piece of furniture–remember, there’s a lift top and hardware, shelves and frame. Having he table delivered to your door–for free no less–is a real plus-plus.

I chose one of the many budget-friendly (dare I say ‘cheap?’) lift-top coffee tables with storage aplenty. Pack your gaming gear under the coffee table’s lift top and you’ve a perfect place for games-at-the-ready while keeping your electronics safe and dust and spill-free [enter your own scary OOPS! visual, here].

Underneath the lift up table top, you’ll find shelves underneath to display your favorite decorative pieces or stack more games for game night. Plus, you’ll always know where your remote is if you’ve the kind that somehow magically sprouts legs overnight and takes off running.

As of his writing (and I keep my posts updated), you can have this lift top storage coffee table delivered free for under $140! I’ve calculated shipping a coffee table similar to this piece to my front door and . . . er . . . it costs just about the same as the table! Plus:

Let’s sum it all up here: sturdy, well–crafted coffee table with lift top and storage AND free shipping—to your door. NO lugging, loading, unloading, climbing stairs out front, etc. etc. for one low low price. See its price and the fabulous reviews.

CHALLENGE: Go to this lift top coffee table’s link and you’ll see a great selection of this and other low-priced coffee table with lift-top storage.

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