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A Lightning Show…. On DVD

This DVD not only educates you about lightning, but also has an awesome lightning show that the producers have set to music. It really captures all of the power and intensity behind a great lightning display. It is like Mother Nature’s own firework display.

I think the sight of lightning is absolutely breathtaking! I love the lightning flashing across the sky, although the sound of thunder always makes me jump)

I wish I lived in the Northern Territory of Australia because over there the lightning shows some fantastic displays. The humidity that occurs in the Northern Territory makes the lightning quite spectacular and every year, photographers flock the place to take pictures during what the locals call the ‘build up.’ This is where the humidity is almost unbearable before finally the formed thunderclouds open up and storm season is once more under way.

If you are fascinated by thunderstorm and lightning, this is a very nice DVD to add to your collection.

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